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All our courses are device responsive and can be taken on mobile, tab or desktop (except, Atlas Courses which can be taken only on Desktop or Large iPad/Tab due to large map images used)


How our courses help you ?

As an IAS aspirant, you face the daunting task of mastering a massive and ever increasing syllabus . Our courses are designed to help you cover important areas of syllabus comprehensively first and then revise them in a fraction of time using an effective revision methodology  .

Diagrammatic Notes

Our hand curated mind map based PDF notes help you revise quickly and efficiently . There is no need to make copious notes on your own.

Explanatory Videos

Our notes are explained using videos to help you understand them better . Many of these videos have unique built in exercises for hands on learning .

Interactive Modules

Interactive modules are designed using a number of interactive elements to help you memorise important facts for PT and gain a bird’s eye view of certain topics .

An Effective Revision Plan

A revision plan based on the scientific 1/7/30 rule and 80/20 rule is built in our courses to help you remember the content for longer periods of time.

Learning Aids

Learning aids like mnemonics, acronyms, interactive exercises, etc are used throughout to help you memorise important data easily and effectively.

Tests and Quizzes

Tests/Quizzes are interspersed throughout the courses to help you test your knowledge and also as an extension to our revision strategy for you.

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Use of images for better clarity and retention

Integrated Past Years' Papers to understand the demand of Exam

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